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You Know (Extended Mix)

"You Know (Extended Mix)", the latest release from the prodigious songwriter Tomcattt, explores the Shrodinger's Cat like state of a failing love affair with conflicted desire and insecurity. The music contrasts the lyrics. It is up, happy and confident rock and roll. Together the words and music wrap together like Yin and Yang.


Song: You Know (Extended)

Recorded at: TJP Entertainment Toronto and Sun Dragon Media Toronto

Production and Engineering: Thomas Patton (TomCattt) and Peter Natale

Lyrics: Thomas Patton

Lead and Harmony Vocals: Thomas Patton 

Drums, Percussion, Acoustic Guitar and Keyboard, : Peter Natale

Electric Guitar: Kent Dale

Mixed and Mastered at Sun Dragon Media by Peter Natale


Album: Sinophilia

Copyright: 1108798

Written: October 11, 2019

Persona: TomCattt

Album: Sinophilia

Released by: Independent

Release date: March 11, 2020


Artist Contact Info:



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