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Chris has over 30 years of professional experience recording and performing with many Canadian artists; namely, Heather Smith, Thomas Wade, The Sugar Daddies, Avenue Road, The Rhythem Ruslters, The Herd (formerly the Mavericks), Phil Haliday, Brigand, Robyn Banks, Kim Wagner, Loanstar Oasis, Sarah Craig and Glen Tulsky.  Chris has performed in all genera's from Folk Rock to Jazz, Country, Blues, Folk and Rock.  Recently, Chris collaborated with Adrian Bannister (Bannister and Clegg) and released a new country blues album entitled: "They Don't Make 'em Like They Used To", which you can check out at and watch their video. Way cool music!  On Hiiyaaaaaaaaaaa, Chris performs Electric Guitar (all songs excluding You Can't Hide From Yourself), Acoustic Guitar (The Hurt, Hiiyaaaaaaaaaaa and You Can't Hide From Yourself), 12 string (Pants on Fire) and Bass Guitar (New Love, The Hurt, Pants on Fire, It's the Only Time, I'm So Slow, With You, Hiiyaaaaaaaaaaa and You Can't Hide From Yourself).

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