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February 14th, 2018
"Richard with love" is Tomcattt's latest song but this time the
lyrics were written by a new artist, Ms. Chang, who lost her
husband to a sudden disease and this is the poem she wrote
to deal with this tragedy. From the complete joy of true love
to the existential misery of its loss, "Richard With Love" is a
song that gracefully takes us between both emotional
polarities yet realizing that in the end, all that is left for us, is
to carry on.  Order your copy on iTunes.
June 22nd, 2017
Love triangles are a primeval contest of passion where there can only be one winner. This is a song of the lost. It is a plea to the torturer for mercy when her only mercy left is a swift end. But like a cat with a mouse, the end is neither swift nor merciful.  Order TomCattt's latest single release "Three of Us" on iTunes.
April 26th, 2017
"Trust Not", the latest release from TomCattt, is laced with that early 70's big rock/horn fusion sound. A departure from his previous work, "Trust Not" seamlessly blends jazz, prog rock and funk into what can best be described as a musical expression of the rage and regret we all feel when a sacred trust is broken.  Order yours on iTunes and check out the new Trust Not (LYRIC VIDEO).
December 24th, 2016




Best wishes and warmest thoughts for a wonderful holiday and new year. 



December 12th, 2016
In Tomcattt's latest release, "Great Big Hurry" from the album Sinophilia, the upbeat phrasing only superficially hides the deep pain of loss from love unrequited. Combining a country lead guitar with a staccato beat, "Great Big Hurry" demonstrates the indomitable will of the human spirit to strive on no matter how hopeless the quest before them.   Order yours on iTunes.
November 12th, 2016
"Every day we should be thankful to those who bring love to our lives".  With a Reggae feel TomCattt does just that with his 2nd release off Sinophilia appropriately entitled "Thanks".  Order
"Thanks" today from iTunes – you will love the love.   
June 22nd, 2016
Finally TomCattt's new video "Not Your Toy" (his first single from Sinophilia).  Watch it on Youtube (TomCatttt Music), Vevo (TomCatttVEVO), Vidzone, Promo Only, Tidal, Dot Dance, Noise Port Network and you can buy your own copy on iTunes. 
June 13th, 2016
Exciting news, on June 22nd, 2016 watch for TomCattt's new video "Not Your Toy" (his first single from Sinophilia) on Youtube (TomCatttt Music), Vevo (TomCatttVEVO), Vidzone, Promo Only, Tidal, Dot Dance, Noise Port Network and you can buy your own copy on iTunes.
April 7th, 2016
Due to a family related illness the release date of "Not Your Toy" video has been recheduled to later this spring or early summer.  Thank you for your understanding.
January 19th, 2016
Watch for the single release "Not Your Toy" and video on March 11th, 2016 – TomCattt's first sigle off his forthcoming album: "Sinophilia".
January 10th, 2016
Very excited to have been chosen to be part of the CityIICity “Music in the Spotlight” being held in Washington, DC this weekend.  Watch for "Not Your Toy" at years end as part of the music compilation.
December 30th, 2015
All the best to friends and fans over the holidays and have a HNY!  Looking forward to featuring some new music from Sinophilia in 2016, starting with the single release/music video "Not Your Toy". 
October 15th, 2015
Sneak fild grab from the forthcoming "Not Your Toy Video:
For those who like to steam, it's nice to know that "Hiiyaaaaaaaaaaa" is on Apple Music at:
June 11th, 2015

It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally recording new original music for my next Album: "Sinophilia".  In the studio recording  "Not Your Toy" over the next several weeks and there is some talk about a follow-up video.  A big thank you to all who follow this Cattt!

April 18th, 2015
A big thank you to all those who voted for me in CBC's Spotlight Searchlight. All the best to those successful bands – this Cattt will have to try again next year.
March 30th, 2015
Voting starts today for Searchlight Spotlight, CBC Music and CBC Radio One's search for Canada's next best new musical artist and the winner will be announced live on Q on May 15.  Every day people can vote for up to 10 of their favourite bands in each region; vote for your favourite act by tuning in to your local CBC Radio One afternoon show and/or for TomCattt at the link below. 
March 27th, 2015
"The Hurt" RADIO VERSION is now an official entry in CBC's Searchlight Spotlight competition.  Voting starts on Monday March 30th, 2015, so make sure you vote for your favourite artist in each region right accross Canada and in Toronto Here and Now TomCattt is at:!/artists/Tomcattt
January 26th, 2015
It's official, this Cattt is leaving his Federal job on April 14th, 2015 to pursue music full-time - yahooooooooooo!
January 24th, 2015
Apparently, Yes Love (Official) aired on Rude(ish) Tube Channel 4 in the U.K recently. Can anyone find a link to that show that works outside of the U.K. and send it to me?  That would be very much appreciated.
September 22nd, 2014
Catch all TomCattt's music video's on his new VIVO channel:
July 15th, 2014:
Check out TomCattt's brand new: "Im So Slow" video, previously released: "Yes Love (Official)" video and "The Hurt" video. Also enjoy the free download of "A Question" from the "Songs" list.  While your there, follow the Soundcloud link under "Profile" to stream all the songs.
June 29th, 2014:
Super excited about the video footage of the "I'm So Slow" video to be released on youtube mid July 2014. Also note that TomCattt will be performing some songs from Hiiyaaaaaaaaaaa at the July 19th, 2014 Pezmosis 2nd Annual Summer Jam & BBQ along with BS101, Vanek, Neil Abbott, members of the King Beez, Letterbomb and more. Would love to see you there - check out the link below:
May 7, 2014:
Very excited to say that "The Hurt" video went up 10,000 views yesterday on Youtube - way cool!!!!!!!!!!!
Tomattt really enjoyed participating in CBC's Searchlight, alas the light was shining on others.  Great big thank you to those family, friends and fans who took the time to vote - maybe next year things will be different! 
Enjoy the July 3rd, 2013 NSFW show # 185 entitled: "Stop the Lies and Realize", during which hosts Brian Brushwood and Justin Young do a hilarious and favourable review of "The Hurt" video and invite TomCattt to perform on their Summer Music Series:


Here is TomCattt's peformance on the NSFW Show # 188"TomCattt"at - great big thank you to hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Young and (Diamond Club forever)! 


Very proud to announce that CBC radio has added the entire album Hiiyaaaaaaaaaaa to their library for radio play.  Enjoy my page on their website at:


Over the past 11 weeks, "Yes Love" has been featured on FM radio stations in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.   Tomorrow, TomCattt releases "The Hurt" to 60+ Adult Contemporary FM radio stations across Canada :))





Lots of exciting news!  Since November 3, 2013 "The Hurt" has been added (regular rotation) on 6 AC FM radio stations in 5 provinces in Canada.  "Yes Love" is charting in a big way on - number 3 on the "Indie" chart at: 

and number 7 on the "Pop" chart at:


Merry Christmas and happy new year to all and watch for new music/video's from TomCattt in 2014.


GREAT NEWS: CKJN "Moose FM 92.9 (289-284-1070) in Caledonia, Ontario added "The Hurt" to their rotation this week - very exciting!     



All Songs on Hiiyaaaaaaaaaa Copyright: 1089632

All Songs on Sinophilia Copyright: 1108798


Yes Love (Official)

The Hurt

        I'm So Slow


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