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Ron Johnston

Classically trained, Ron’s first love has always been Jazz. He has been professionally performing and recording, (locally and abroad), with a number of different groups since 1971. He has toured with well-known singers such as Jodie Drake and Ada Lee. As well has backed up many international jazz musicians including, Maxine Sullivan, Vic Dickenson, Doc Cheatham, Yve Evans, and Marcus Belgrave, when they have come to Toronto to perform at Jazz Festivals and clubs.  He has done TV shows with Peter Appleyard and Earl Hines and also received a 2005 Gemini nomination, (best performance in a variety program), for the CBC special “Makin’ Noise For Salome”. Ron has also appeared in numerous TV shows and Films as a musician extra, including being a main band member in the Oscar winning film “Chicago”.  Ron was one of the original members of the well known Hard Bop band “Kollage”. He performed and recorded with the group for their first nine years. Currently, Ron can be seen working with Juno award winner Bob DeAngelis.  In addition to teaching privately, Ron is the bass instructor at the acclaimed St. Michael’s College School in Toronto.  Ron can be continually heard at many of the Jazz clubs and Festivals throughout Toronto, as well as across Canada and the United States. Ron is credited with the Bass parts on A Question, Oooooutcha, Lady Love and Yes Love on TomCattt's debut album Hiiyaaaaaaaaaaa.

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