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So many of us have been victimized by the loss of a one true love. The lessons that follow are hard learned and we hope to grow from the experience, yet we are forever left with "A Question".

No one of merit and no one of value, will come to you until the right time - don't you know?   Trust and love are synonymous, trust and love are the same.  Cause your best friend and your lover they trust, trust  you.

There was a light in your eyes and it made me realize, that time was on my side.  So, I bide my time for you.  There was no guarantee you'd be there for me, so I took a chance on love, love, love, love, love, love, love woe oh oh, your love. Woe oh oh, your love. Took a chance on love, love, love, love.  You ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh you.  Took a chance on you, took a chance on love, love, love with you.

So, pretty and lovely Yan Li, won't you come back to me?  Cause, I love you - ah yes I do!  Pretty and lovely, lovely and pretty Yan Li.  Won't you come to me - me?  Ah, spend the rest of your live with me!
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