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Love triangles are a primeval contest of passion where there can only be one winner. This is a song of the lost. It is a plea to the torturer for mercy when her only mercy left is a swift end. But like a cat with a mouse, the end is neither swift nor merciful.  Order TomCattt's latest single release "Three of Us" on iTunes.

Song: Three of Us
Recorded at: TJP Entertainment Toronto, Ontario and Pezmosis Music Productions Oak Ridges, Ontario 
Production and Engineering: Thomas Patton (TomCattt) 
Lead and Harmony Vocals : Thomas Patton 
Rythem Keys and Synth: Thomas Patton 
Bass Guitar: Bernie Serrao 
Electric Guitar: Chris Clegg
Drums: Mark Pezzelato 
Mixed and Mastered by Mark Pezzelato at Pezmosis Music Productions Oak Ridges, Ontario 
Written: November 8th, 2013
Lyrics and Music: Thomas Patton
Persona: TomCattt
Album: Sinophilia
Copyright: 1108798

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