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Try This by TomCattt

Try This.jpg

“Try This”, the first release from TomCattt's new album “Cattt Man Do”, seeks that final confrontation necessary to overcome and free oneself of unreciprocated love.  A divergence in style from the past, “Try This” blends driving bass laced with smooth guitar licks, keys and horns that sets the stage for a nasty jazzy vibe.

Album: Cattt Man Do
Song: Try This
Composer: Thomas Patton
Mixed & Mastered: Peter Natale
Artist: TomCattt
Lead Vocals: Thomas Patton
Harmony Vocals: Thomas Patton
Piano: Thomas Patton
Electric Guitar: Dan Strudwick
Keyboard & Synth: Peter Natale
Drums: Peter Natale
Percussions: Peter Natale
Bass: Peter Natale


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