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Toronto born pianist, composer and performer with over 45 years of experience.  Received ARTC in piano performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music in the 1970's.  A member of the ORMTA and SOCAN for over 40 years; the Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association for over 30 years; the Toronto Musicians Association Local 149 of the AFM (the American Federation of Musicians) and the Toronto Board of Trade for 20 years playing at many of their functions. Published works include Sleigh Race Grad 7 RCM Level in a book by Alfred Music entitled "Meet the New Canadian Composers" book 2; the song "Love is Like a River" performed on the Tommy Hunter Show in the 1970's by a gospel group; the King James Version recorded on their album; the gospel song "God has a Purpose" published by Kinnor Publishing and recorded; several other songs recorded on productions at the Peoples Church Living Christmas Tree (not yet published) and the song "Ribbons of Steel" considered by IMAX for their new motion picture "Rocky Mountain Express." Performed keyboard and synthesized strings on TomCattt's debut album Hiiyaaaaaaaaaaa.

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