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Lucky Man

"Lucky Man", TomCattt's 2nd release off "Cattt Man Do" could very well be the wedding song of the decade!  It's one hundred beats per minute of the best man wishing the bride and groom a life graced with the presence of ever-lasting love.

Album: Cattt Man Do
Song: Lucky Man 
Composer: Thomas Patton
Artist: TomCattt
Copyright: 1182165
Lead Vocals: Thomas Patton
Harmony Vocals: Thomas Patton
Tenor Sax (Synth): Thomas Patton
Mixed & Mastered: Peter Natale
Piano: Peter Natale
Keyboard & Synth: Peter Natale
Drums: Peter Natale
Percussions: Peter Natale
Acoustic Guitar: Bernie Serrao
Bass: Bernie Serrao
Copyright: 1182165

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