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"Shapeshifter", the latest release from TomCattt features both an intense reggae beat and a guest artist–rap G-God, Omega Phantom. A departure in tone and style from earlier work, "Shapeshifter" explores both the natural and unnatural transformations one takes when desire overtakes reason.


Recorded at: TJP Entertainment Toronto, Sun Dragon Media Toronto and Pezmosis Music Productions Oak Ridges, Ontario

Production and Engineering: Thomas Patton (TomCattt) and Peter Natale 

Lyrics: Thomas Patton

Lead and Harmony Vocals: Thomas Patton 

Rap: Omega Phantom 

All Accompaniment: Peter Natale 

Mixed and Mastered at Sun Dragon Media by Peter Natale 

Album: Sinophilia 

Copyright: 1108798 

Written: November 3, 2013 

Persona: TomCattt 

Album: Sinophilia 

Released by: Independent 

Release date: December 11, 2018 

Copyright: 1108798 


Artist Contact Info: 





All rights reserved

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