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Thomas Patton (TomCattt), a middle child of three brothers, proudly Canadian, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario.  A baby boomer whose parents were heavily influenced by the big band era and the smooth vocal sounds of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, Al Martino and other similar greats.  Privileged to be from a loving family, TomCattt was heavily influenced by his older brother; a gifted musician who never left a friendly gathering without a rendition of top 40 Beatles, Tommy James and the Shondells, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Eagles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Guess Who - the list was endless.

Despite indulging in the usual late 70's high school high jinks and distractions, TomCattt maintained focus with a stint on baritone sax in the A.Y. Jackson stage band (Alma Mater); later he found alto sax in the short lived funk bank Pegasus II and then harmonica at Western University in London, Ontario.  In the late eighties and throughout the nineties, music took a back seat to a Federal Public Service career and a personal commitment to excel at natural bodybuilding.  Competitive by nature and from a family of gifted athletes, Thomas found peace of mind through competitive curling, golf, skiing and adult hockey. 

​Come the fall of 2007, TomCattt found himself plagued with marital problems compounded by a classic mid-life crisis; however, it was the good advice of a great friend that reconnected him with music in a big way.  During that heart-to-heart conversation, the suggestion was made to rent a keyboard for a month as there was a clear need for a creative release to temper emotion.  Following that simple suggestion opened up a whole new world for TomCattt as he quickly rediscovered his own voice.  After that and facing the emotive guilt that accompanied his marital breakdown, TomCattt stumbled on his creative need to write music with his therapeutic first song "The Hurt".  In fact, the lyrical content of the 12 songs that followed, now part of his debut CD entitled: "Hiiyaaaaaaaaaaa", is a living testament and the pure emotive reaction that followed leaving love, finding a new love only to lose love once again.

TomCattt took accordion lessons at a young age, followed by sax, blues harp, and more recently piano, vocals, songwriting and recording.  TomCattt credits his mother for his stage name "TomCattt” as she was big on nicknames for those she held close to her heart. TomCattt started writing and recording music 10 years ago; his music is best described as easy listening and sometimes retro, yet with a contemporary mix and feel.  Accompanied by the creative tracks of a number of gifted musicians, his first album "Hiiyaaaaaaaaaaa" inspires imagination and finds a way to impress with a unique vocal sound, compelling harmony, and gripping melody.  There is little doubt that TomCattt writes from the heart as his lyrical content is a living reflection of his emotional journey that followed leaving love, finding a new love only to lose love once again.  TomCattt has also been inspired and influenced by so many great musicians of the past and present; namely, David Bowie, Robert Palmer, The Beach Boys, America, The Beatles, Eurythmics, The Eagles, Hall and Oates, The Guess Who, Zeplin, Chicago, M+M and so many others.  As an evolving artist with serious potential, TomCattt has set his sights on the big stage and he is hopeful that someday soon the name "TomCattt" will be synonymous with excellence in music. 


Since June of 2013, TomCattt has released 9 single releases off his 2nd album "Sinophilia" and he has enjoyed considerable success on Youtube and Vevo with his very popular video's "The Hurt", "Yes Love (Official)", "I'm So Slow", "New Love" Cruise (all original soundtracks from Hiiyaaaaaaaaaaa) and from his current album "Sinophilia": "Not Your Toy", "Trust Not (Lyric Video)"; "Shapeshifter (Official)" and "You Know (Official)".  TomCattt was featured on the very popular Internet NSFW 185 Stop the Lies and Realize: NSFW 188 and appeared on NSFW 188:  


In 2020, TomCattt released 5 music video's as fundraisers for the Canadian and American Red Cross to help fight COVID – 19; specifically, "I Want to Wash Your Hands 4K"; "Virus Fighting Nation 2.7K": "A Yes Love Birthday Wish to Jessica From Joe"; "I Was So Blind 4K by TomCattt, Brother Daniel, Big D, and Kent Dale" and "Holiday by Kimbalyn Babylove 4K". On March 3, 2020 The Tonight Show featured TomCattt's popular song "Yes Love":

Released on Aug 2, 2021 TomCattt's single release "Try This" (Album: “Cattt Man Do”), seeks that final confrontation necessary to overcome and free oneself of unreciprocated love. A divergence in style from the past, “Try This” blends driving bass laced with smooth guitar licks, keys, and horns that sets the stage for a nasty jazzy vibe. TomCattt's 2nd single release "Lucky Man" could very well be the wedding song of the decade! It's one hundred beats per minute of the best man wishing the bride and groom a life graced with the presence of ever-lasting love. On November 19, 2021 TomCattt released his 3rd single "New Love (Remix)" – a chill and lazy country blues that takes you on a quest for a new love.  On June 21, 2023 TomCattt released his fourth single "Bad Man Sad Man" – a serious piece of rock 'n" roll written to support those who find themselves in, or trying to leave, abusive releationships.  And on Feb 1, 2024 the "BAd Man Sad Man (OFCL)" music video.

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