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Richard With Love

Artist Comment: "Richard with love" was written by a new artist, Ms. Chang, who lost her husband to a sudden disease and this is the poem she wrote to deal with this tragedy. From the complete joy of true love to the existential misery of its loss, "Richard With Love" is a song that gracefully takes us between both emotional polarities yet realizing that in the end, all that is left for us, is to carry on.


Song: "Richard With Love

Recorded at: TJP Entertainment Toronto and Sun Dragon Media Toronto

Production and Engineering: Thomas Patton (TomCattt) and Peter Natale

Lyrics: Ms. Chang

Lead and Harmony Vocals: Thomas Patton 

All Accompaniment: Peter Natale

Mixed and Mastered at Sun Dragon Media by Peter Natale

Album: Sinophilia

Copyright: 1108798

Written: October 15th, 2013

Persona: TomCattt

Album: Sinophilia

Released by: Independent

Release date: February 14th, 2018

Copyright: 1108798


Artist Contact Info:



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